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Carole       Hi, my name is Carole and I coordinate the orders on behalf of Enstone Oil.

The next order is being arranged for week commencing 23th October 2017 subject to the supplier.

The order has been placed with Cotswold Petroleum, at 37.2ppl plus VAT. There is a 0.75% surcharge on credit cards.

Please contact them to arrange payment:

  • Telephone: 01386 579 579
  • Web: www.cotswoldpetroleum.co.uk
  • Address: Cotswold Petroleum Ltd, Springhill Industrial Estate, Springhill, Moreton-in-Marsh, GL56 9TP

  • 8 Companies were contacted and most were in the price range of 39ppl.

    I have sent an email to those who have ordered before and this site has been updated.

    If you require further information please email me: enstoneoil@gmail.com or call: 07977 506 209

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    1200 23/10/2017


    Email: Carole Glendinning

    Phone: 07977 506209

    General Information

    Enstone Oil provides a service throughout the Parish of Enstone for the delivery of domestic oil. This covers the villages of Neat Enstone, Church Enstone, Cleveley, Lidstone, Gagingwell, Chalford, Radford, Fulwell and Broadstonehill. It is run by villagers with the aim of providing the best price at time of order. This is achieved by ordering in bulk and relies upon villagers placing their orders when the next oil delivery is organised. We cannot guarantee meeting the same price each time but the larger the order the better bargaining power we have so please tell your friends and neighbours what people power can achieve. The chosen Oil Distributor will invoice you directly after delivery.

    Jul 2017 was negotiated at 32.95ppl, Oct 2016 was negotiated at 36.4ppl, Apr 26.4ppl, Jan 2016 at 21.36ppl, Nov 2015 at 28.25ppl, Jul 2015 at 31.7ppl, Mar 2015 at 34.34ppl, Oct 2014 at 44.7ppl, Jul 2014 at 48.55ppl, Feb 2014 at 52.15ppl, Nov 2013 at 53.8ppl, April 2013 at 61.9ppl, July 2012 at 53.6ppl, March 2012 at 59.1ppl, November 2011 at 55.3ppl, July 2011 at 55.1ppl, March 2011 at 56.59ppl, January 2011 at 50.5ppl, October 2010 at 41.95ppl, July 2010 at 39.35ppl, Dec 2009 at 35.8ppl, Sep 2009 at 32.85ppl, March 2009 at 26.3ppl - all Ex VAT.

    Adams Stores

    What you need to do to order

    The next planned delivery is shown above along with a form as a pdf or word doc, one of which we would like you to complete and return either as an email to Carole or post in Adams Stores. Information posters will be posted in Adams Stores and on the Parish Council Noticeboard.


    Although an Oil Syndicate already existed in Enstone, the idea of villagers organising themselves into a large group to give themselves more buying power when ordering oil was brought to the village by Cottsway Housing Association. Cottsway introduced the scheme, which they had pioneered with the folk of Burford with resounding success.